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Security Services in Chennai Find best security guard agencies, companies for personal residential commercial &events purpose.We have listed well trained men/women escorts bouncers bodyguards celebrity protection officersapartment supervisors watchman with shift (day, night) basis.Get Phone Number, Reviews, Photos, for the Security services.

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Security Services for Guard in in Chennai - Safeguard Youself

The increasing number of crimes makes security an important concern for everyone. This factor has lead to the growth of the security services industry. Safeguarding homes, companies, parks etc is the duty played by security guards. Security services in in Chennai help in providing security services to different organisations. These security guards are well-trained and make sure that you or your organisation is safe at all times. Security services require to be registered with authorities and comply with the rules and regulations of the local government bodies from time-to-time.

The different types of security solutions that you can opt for are as follows:

Personal Security Guard Services

Many celebrities require the services of security guards or armed gunman to accompany them at all times. Security services can help in providing well-trained and experienced guards who can provide efficient services at all times.

Residential Security Services

Locking the doors and windows of residential buildings might not work as a deterrent for infiltrators to enter the inner premises of the building. There could be a potential criminals entering the building in case of no security guards. A security guard can prevent unauthorized people from entering the premises of the building as well as noting down details of the people who might be invited to any of the flats in the building.

Office Security Services

Its important to have guards stationed at office buildings to ensure that the only authorised people are entering the building. They can also note down the details of the vehicles entering the premises.

Female Security Services

Female security guards are deployed in industries or companies that employ large number of women and to ensure security for women in hotels, malls, hostels and the hospitality industry. Its important that women security guards should be able to handle sensitive situations effectively.

To ensure this, the selected female candidates are trained in soft skills, self-defense and how to handle difficult situations with grace.

Event Security Services

The security company will provide you all the services that are essential to executing a successful event. It provides an additional level of security in addition to traditional security systems like security cameras and burglar alarms.

This is an effective option for home security.

Gun Man Services

Its important to secure areas like banks, jewellery stores and places where highly sensitive information is stored. Its important that the confidential information and the people working there are safe.

These organisations might have single security guards or a number of guards working in different shifts of the day.

Guarding Security Services

in Chennai Security Services ensure that guards are hired only after they clear highly a highly difficult selection criteria. They require to undergo training programmes every year. These guards are trained to avert difficult situations and prevent damage to life or property.

Trained Security Services

Trained Security Guards require minimum formal training and more of on the job training.

A trained security guard has completed an 8 hour pre-training course before applying for a registration card accompanied by on the job training.

This is then followed by employment. The security guards are then required to complete training for security guards to ensure that they are updated with the latest skills.

What are the advantages of having security services in Chennai?

Handling Crime

The security guards are well trained and possess licenses that enables them to deal with the worst of the security situations. They also know how to handle different security breaches with grace and in a culturally sensitive manner. You can be assured that all your security concerns would be taken care of by the agency.

Deterrent to crime

In places like banks, ATMs or places that are prone to attracting people to committing crime, having security services acts as a deterrent. The guards stationed there are well trained, skilled and are armed with weapons. This sends out a very b message to potential lawbreakers about the consequences of committing criminal acts.

The security guards are well-screened and trained which gives them the ability to take the right decisions during emergencies and to prevent loss of property. They can pick up peoples suspicious behavior and prevent something wrong before it happens.

Some places require security patrolling after business hours to watch for shoplifters even after business hours.

What are the steps one should follow/questions one should ask before hiring a security service ?

Check if the security service is licensed or not. The security agency should provide their staff regular training at regular intervals.

Look for a security service agency that has experience in providing the same type of security services like your require.

Make sure you know your security needs and clearly communicate them to the agency before hiring a security service.

How much do security services in in Chennai charge ?

in Chennai Security services charge approximately:

Type of Security ServicesCost
BouncersRs. 4,000 to Rs. 11,000 per day
Personal security officerRs. 13,000 per day
Unarmed male bodyguardRs. 13,200 to Rs. 27,000
Armed male bodyguardRs. 36,500 onwards
Female guardRs. 27,000 to Rs. 37,000

Please Note- The cost mentioned above is subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do security services for guards in in Chennai conduct background check on new recruits?

Yes, security companies do conduct prior employment reference checks and make sure that the candidates listed with them do not have a criminal background.

2. Are security guards trained as per the job they are expected to perform?

Guards undergo various training programmes as well as on-the-job training which gives them hands on experience on the duties they are expected to perform.

3. Do companies provide security guards exclusively for parties?

Yes, companies provide security guards exclusively for parties or other private events.

4. Do security companies supervise guards on duty?

Security companies do conduct random checks to supervise guards who are on duty to ensure they are performing their duties satisfactorily.

5. What is the approximate cost of hiring a security guard?

The approximate cost of hiring an unarmed guard ranges from Rs. 13,200 to Rs. 27,000 per month.

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