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2.1 Online Registration
Section 2.1 explains to use the Site, as detailed below:
Your registration as a member of this Platform or the use of any of the features and services on this Platform either as a registered member or as an unregistered visitor constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy defined herein. About yourself including name, email or mobile number and your current city of residence. Emimake may check for the validity of the email addresses or mobile numbers. In order to become a Emimake member, create a member account on this Platform by providing information.
2.2 Profile & Password
Section 2.2 explains to use the Site, as detailed below:
You are advised to change your login password at regular intervals. Your password should be a combination of alphabets and at least one number and a special character. You are solely responsible for actions taken under your password, and should not disclose it to anyone else. You cannot use your password for any unauthorised purpose. Once you provide the basic information to create an account, you will have the opportunity to provide additional information in the profile section describing your postal code, brief summary of yourself etc. Provision of this additional information beyond what is required at registration is entirely optional. Emimake shall neither be responsible nor liable for your non-compliance with the terms of password change.Accessing and changing your account information You can review the personal information you provided us and make any desired changes to the information, or to the settings for your account on this Platform, at any time by logging in to your account and editing the information on your profile page. You can also close your account through this Platform by sending your request with your login email address. Your request will be processed within 5 business days.
2.3 General Terms
Section 2.3 explains that even though we let you use the Site, we still retain all our rights, as detailed below:
These Terms of Service, including any Annexures hereto, (“Terms”) along with the Contract Form set forth the terms and conditions under which the Advertiser may be identified as a Vendor to the Users. The Contract shall come into effect upon the Advertiser or any authorized agent of the Advertiser signing and delivering the Contract to Emimake and upon the realization of consideration.
Nothing in the Terms of Service grants you a right to use any Emimake Marks.
2.4.1 Advertiser Listings
Section 2.4.1 explains that you are solely responsible for your use of the Site and any content you post on the Site, and that if someone makes a claim against Emimake because of your content that you will pay Emimake for our fees and expenses, as detailed below:
This refers to the various kinds of Advertising listings that can be selected by the Advertiser. Emimake provides the following kinds of Advertising listings (“Listings”): (i) Platinum Listing,(Premium Position) (ii)Diamond Listing, (Premium Position) (iii)Package Listing. (Normal Position) (iv) SMS Promotion. (v)Other promotions as may be specified. (vi) The Advertiser agrees that it shall list itself under the Listing which is mentioned in Clause 6 of the Contract. (vii) Emimake reserves the right to change the aforesaid Advertising Listing options by adding new listings or deleting the existing listings or adding, deleting, modifying or merging any categories or keywords. In the event the listing applied for in the Contract Form is no longer available, Emimake shall endeavor to allot similar Listing to the Advertiser. The final decision making power with regard to Listing shall however vest in Emimake and such decision shall be final and binding on the Advertiser.
2.4.2 Verified Listing Package
Section 2.4.2 explains that by posting content on the Site, you give others certain limited rights to that content, as detailed below:
The terms as mentioned under Clause 6A shall only be applicable to Verified Listing Package Package: Emimake will be providing Verified Listing Package package under promotional scheme to Advertiser as per the terms as mentioned under the terms of use. In Verified Listing Package package, a) Emimake will display the “Emimake Verified” logo in Advertiser’s business listing. The verified logo would be visible as long as the advertiser’s business listing is active on Emimake portals subject to the terms mentioned under terms of use and periodical verification of the listing by Emimake Limited/its representatives. b) Emimake for a consideration as determined and paid by the advertiser shall provide the advertising listing services under Verified Listing Package package for period upto one (1) year. c) Emimake for the purposes of disseminating information shall provide life time services under this package. The lifetime services shall be made available to advertiser provided advertiser's business listing is active on Emimake portals as per applicable terms of service & as per Emimake's business requirement. Emimake shall not be liable in any manner to provide the services or otherwise in the event of failure on the part of advertiser’s to honour the payment for Verified Listing Package package. Emimake reserves its right to determine the listing in the event of non-payment for its services and as per its business requirement. Notwithstanding anything contained hereinabove, all other clauses specified under “Terms of Service for Advertiser” shall remain applicable in full force to the Advertiser who has obtained services under Verified Listing Package from Emimake.
Section 2.4.3 explains when you can and what happens if you send your ideas to Emimake, as detailed below:
The Advertiser agrees to pay a non-refundable Listing Fee for the Services, which will be determined by Emimake at the time of entering into this contract. The (“Listing Fee”) shall be paid by the Advertiser in advance simultaneously with the signing of the Contract.
Section 2.5 explains to use the Site, as detailed below:
If you use the Service to make or receive payments, we will also collect certain payment information, such as credit card or other financial account information, and billing address. The Advertiser hereby agrees that it shall make the payment via such mode which is mentioned on the Clause 8 of these Terms. The Advertiser shall also be liable to pay interest @18 % per annum during that period.Emimake allows the Advertiser to make the remaining payments for the Services, after payment of the Service Fee, i.e., the Total Fee excluding Service Fee (Subscription Fee) by way any of the following modes: (i) Cheque ; (ii) Cash ; (iii)Online Transfer ; (iv) Google pay ; and, (v) Credit Card Standing Instruction (vi) Net Banking (b) It is hereby clarified that Emimake does not encourage/prefer that payments be made in cash. Any cash payments made by the Advertiser pursuant to a contract with Emimake, shall be at the sole risk of the Advertiser, without any recourse to Emimake. (c) Payments can be made by the Advertiser either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and half-yearly as directed by Emimake. Emimake shall make best efforts to activate the contract within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the Service Fee into its bank account, for the respective Listing (subject to delay due to technical malfunctions). However Emimake will not be liable in any manner for any delay in activating the contract of an Advertiser.
Section 2.6 explains to use the Site, as detailed below:
These rights include but are not limited to the right to display your information anywhere on this Platform's services and media properties, to search the information, and, consistent with our privacy policy, to repackage and resell it to anyone for any reason. When participating in any of this Platform's service, you may provide us with information about yourself and / or products and services listed. You grant Emimake exclusive rights in all of this information, and all information derived or generated from it, in all existing or future media.As used in this paragraph, information includes but is not limited to data, text, photographs, drawings, sound recordings, feedback, and any other information or data displayed or presented in connection with your listings on this Platform.
Section 3 explains how you are allowed to use the Site, as detailed below:
A booking fee excluding other applicable taxes may be collected by Emimake for the transactions booked through the Platform. If at any time, the Users are not satisfied with the quality of the Service Provider, User may call Service provider care toll free number of this Platform wherein the complaint will be noted for review.
Section 4 explains uses of the Site that are not allowed, as detailed below:
On receiving cancellation request, the refund shall be governed by the Refund terms mentioned in the Agreement. The cancellation request should be raised before a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled time for performance of service. For any requests that are not raised before 24 hours, the booking fee is non-refundable.
4.1 Campaign Activation Refund request
If you choose to cancel your campaign within 10 days from the date of your campaign going live., your refund will be processed without deductions on the paid amount. Emimake, subject to terms and applicable polices shall offer complete available amount towards refund to the customer if the refund request is raised within 10 days from the date of activation of the campaign.
4.2 Refund Request
In case of any refund request raised after a period of 7 days and within 30 days from the date of activation of campaign, Refund amount shall be calculated after deducting - 35% of the Net Cleared Amount towards cancellation charges and deduction of served value tenure, leads, Responses, Monthly platform charges & Gift vouchers Delivered,Bonus), if any. Net Cleared amount refers to balance available against the Campaign after deduction of GST /other applicable taxes. Bonus amount provided by Emimake under the engagement shall not be used for calculation of net cleared amount.
We take a number of steps to protect your data, but no security is guaranteed. Emimake takes commercially reasonable steps to help protect and secure the information it collects and stores about Emimake Users. All access to the Site is encrypted using industry-standard transport layer security technology (“TLS”). When you enter sensitive information (such as tax identification number), we encrypt the transmission of that information using secure socket layer technology (“SSL”). We also use HTTP strict transport security to add an additional layer of protection for our Emimake Users. But remember that no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Thus, while we strive to protect your Personal Information, Emimake cannot ensure and does not warrant the security of any information you transmit to us.