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Courier Services in Chennai - Find the best courier service providers in Chennai and get professional courier delivery services, charges, contact addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews and #EEEEE# score instantly to your mobile.


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International courier services in Chennai

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Courier Services in in Chennai

Enterprises that ship consignments or parcels from the sender to the receiver are courier companies. The one who ships the consignment is known as the sender, while the one who receives it is known as the receiver or recipient. Firms that offer courier services may differ in the scope of services in terms of location, that may cover a particular region, nation-wide or multiple countries across the globe. In accordance with the network they cater to, most courier transportation firms deliver local, domestic or international. To cater to corporates, there are firms that ship parcels by bulk orders by catering to large volumes. Catering to convenience, courier companies also offer to ship parcels in the shortest possible time through express services like one-day delivery and same day delivery. There are items that cannot be sent via a courier service, such as flammable liquids, batteries, currency, firearms, explosives, chemicals and drugs. Scroll up to find an exhaustive list of service providers offering Courier Services in in Chennai that you can reach out to.

How can Emimake help in choosing the best Courier Services near you?

You can search Courier Services in in Chennai on the basis of your location, popularity, ratings & reviews on Emimake. To get the best offers from business listed with Emimake, click on the Best Deals tab beside listings and fillup the requirements. Businesses will contact with their best offers. You can negotiate with them. You can now chat with businesses and get multiple quotes in a jiffy on the Emimake Android and iOS app.

For any last minute or urgent parcel delivery, you have reliable Courier Services in in Chennai

With Professional Courier Services in the city, sending messages, parcels, packages and mail has become a piece of cake. The reason why these courier companies are popular is the speedy and safe delivery of consignments. You can also track the status of your consignment online that proves to be an added advantage. The courier services in in Chennai have become increasingly popular ever since the concept of online shopping has come up.

Why should you use a courier company for your delivery?

While there are plenty of reasons to choose a courier company, the most important ones are listed here.

1. When you have a last minute delivery need, courier companies can pick up and deliver the consignment on the same day.

2. Courier companies operate 24/7. They work on holidays too when all the standard shipping companies do not deliver.

3. You can avail customized delivery services at competitive rates as per your need. They offer unique delivery solutions like picking up sensitive items, door to door delivery of purchases to customers, etc.

4. They come with courier tracking service for urgent and time-sensitive deliveries.

5. For businesses, these courier services prove extremely helpful as they do not need to have an in-house delivery service on board for their temporary, seasonal or full-time deliveries.

6. They help retail businesses by providing them with a cost-effective delivery option thereby enabling them to build customer sales, satisfaction and improve customer loyalty.

What do the courier services in Chennai has do?

1. They pick up consignments and deliver them to their respective destinations.

2. They check all the crucial delivery information such as the name of the sender and recipient, their addresses and contact numbers.

3. Load the consignments onto the delivery vehicles.

4. Collect the signature of the clients or necessary payments.

5. Chalk out a definite plan so that the consignments travel through the most efficient routes.

6. Keep a tab on the delivery information like the recipient's name and the time of delivery.

What is a domestic courier service?

Domestic courier companies have a service network only within the country. These companies do not deliver parcels and consignments outside the country. The delivery packages are designed keeping in mind the time-sensitive needs of the clients.

What factors should you consider while choosing domestic courier services in Chennai has?

Whether for personal or business needs, choosing a reliable domestic courier company is important if you expect timely and safe delivery of your consignment. Keep the following things in your mind when you hire a courier service provider.

1. Compare the prices- There are many courier companies in the market today. The charges vary from one service provider to another. Do a bit of background research to ensure that the particular company is charging you a fair price.

2. Are they specialized?- You should hire a courier company that is equipped with the ability to transport and deliver your goods safely and successfully. For example- If you manufacture products that need a temperature-controlled transportation, it is good to contact a courier company that specializes in refrigerated transportation.

3. Are they technologically updated?- A courier service with an outdated technology can result in a low customer satisfaction. While a courier company who follows the most updated technology can be expected to meet your needs most efficiently.

4. Check the track record- Professional courier companies encourage customers to leave a feedback on the service they receive. The client reviews and ratings give an understanding on the credibility the particular service provider enjoys. So read these reviews online before hiring one.

5. How safe is your consignment?- Ask your courier company about the kind of security they would offer to your parcel during the entire shipment period. Reliable ones would offer special care so that your parcel can be delivered safely to its destination and in one piece.

6. Do they provide insurance?- What happens in case your parcel does not reach the location? Hence, hire a courier company that protects you from liability so that you can heave a sigh of relief. It is important to check the insurance coverage of the courier company.

7. How accommodating are they? When you are a business owner and have a lot of customers to handle, it would be a complete waste of time and money if you have to visit your courier company every time for booking shipment. Hence, look out for courier delivery services that provide a doorstep pick-up and delivery facility.

What is an international courier service?

International courier services in in Chennai handle consignments to be delivered abroad. Be it sending a gift to your family or friend residing outside the country or an important piece of document to your client overseas, you need to contact one of the international courier services in Chennai has.

What kind of services do these international courier companies provide?

1. Excellent packaging so that your parcel does not get damaged and reaches the destination safely.

2. Some of these courier companies also click pictures before your consignment is shipped.

3. You can track the status of the consignment online which offers a lot of relief.

4. They would help you clear any additional paperwork if needed.

5. They also ensure that your shipment is cleared quickly and efficiently at the customs by strictly following the customs regulations.

What are the most common services and products these international courier services in Chennai has handle?

1. Parcels and documents

2. Garments

3. Branded and homemade food

4. Medications

5. Household goods

6. Electronic products, computer hardware, computer software

7. E-commerce services for those who purchase products from India

8. Air freight cargo

9. Overweight shipments

How much do the courier services in in Chennai charge?

In in Chennai courier services is one of the most significant points of contact for your urgent consignment delivery needs. The cost varies from one courier company to another, depending on a number of factors like type of consignment, weight of the consignment, delivery destination, etc.

Given below is an approximate rate chart:

Weight in Kg.Charges for within state (Charges start from)Charges outside state (Charges start from)
Up to 0.5kgRs. 80Rs. 120
Up to 70.5 kgRs. 60Rs. 100
71 kg and aboveRs. 130Rs. 250

Please note: The prices may vary at the time of inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take for my parcel to reach its destination?

This is completely dependent on your parcel size and the distance it has to travel. Unless the destination is local, please expect 1-2 working days for the shipment to reach its destination.

2. What items are prohibited by courier services?

Most courier services have their own list of prohibited and banned substances. In general, chemicals and explosives are prohibited.

3. Can I track my delivery?

Yes, you can track your delivery once it has been dispatched from the courier office. Using the tracking code or reference number provided by the courier company, you can track your item via the mobile or website.

4. How do I calculate the weight of my shipment?

Most courier services provide a detailed step by step procedure on their website for calculating the weight of your shipment. Please refer to that.

5. How much do courier services charge for a single delivery?

Courier services charge as per the weight and type of shipment. However, you can expect a minimum cost of Rs. 200.


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