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Shree Venkateshwara Home Services

Adyar, Chennai

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Jayam Manpower

Mylapore, Chennai

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Domestic help services

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Service Offer : Domestic help services , Patient care services

Vasandam Best Service

Jafferkhanpet, Chennai

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Domestic help services

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Service Offer : Domestic help services , Patient care services

Sri Vetri Vinayagar Home care

Velachery, Chennai

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Domestic help services

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Service Offer : Domestic help services , Patient care services

Domestic help services in Chennai

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Contact reliable placement services for maids in in Chennai for domestic help!

From single professionals to working families to wealthy families, maid service is something that everyone needs to run through the domestic chores on a daily basis. Having a domestic helper at hand would ensure a cleaner house and a healthy environment. Whether you need a part-time or a full-time maid, you can reach out to reliable placement services for maids in in Chennai. They can help you get a maid who would provide the specific services that you are looking to be taken care of. If you aren't satisfied with the service and report the same, they would try to send a replacement as soon as they can. Make your life easy by hiring one!

What kind of services can you get from a housemaid?

By hiring one of the domestic housemaids, you can stop worrying about cooking, ironing, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, folding clothes, walking your pet and taking care of your children. The housemaid services are usually available on an hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. You can choose as per your convenience. The primary responsibility of a maid is to clean and maintain your property. Placement services for maids in Chennai has will first understand your needs in detail and based on that will send someone most suitable for the role. Given below are some of the top duties and responsibilities of the full time maids.

1. Managing kitchen cleaning responsibilities like arranging the cupboards and cleaning the countertops.

2. Sweeping and mopping the floor in the house.

3. Ensuring that all the appliances in the kitchen like the microwave, cooking ranges, etc., are maintained and cleaned.

4. Washing the utensils and arranging them properly in the designated places.

5. Changing linen and making beds.

6. Washing the clothes and ironing them.

7. Throwing the waste in bins.

8. Ensuring that the carpets are vacuumed.

9. Taking care that the dust does not sit on the window blinds.

10. Tidying up the curtains or draperies.

11. Cleaning the bathrooms.

12. Handling the elderly and children according to the instructions provided by the homeowners.

13. Cooking the meals and arranging them on the dining table.

How do the placement services for maids help the commercial establishments?

Many shops, businesses, restaurants, hotels and hospitals are also known to hire maid services for cleaning and maintaining their property. At hotels, these professionals are a dire necessity because hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely imperative in the business.

What things should you check before hiring a maid through a placement service?

Before you go ahead and hire a maid, it is necessary to check a few things for the safety of your family and also to make sure that you are investing in the right person. Some of these are:

1. Find out how credible the placement agency is. Do they perform a background check before sending someone?

2. Cost is another important thing, Consider comparing the cost of different service providers and take a decision accordingly.

3. Find out their replacement policy.

What is the cost of maid services in in Chennai?

Service hoursApproximate cost
8 HoursRs. 9,000 to Rs. 10,000 approx.
10 HoursRs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 approx.
12 HoursRs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000 approx.
24 HoursRs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 monthly

Please Note- The cost mentioned on the top is completely indicative.

In in Chennai, placement services for maids have been helping the residents to find reliable maids. Emimake is the best place to look for such placement services.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Do placement agencies in in Chennai do a background check of the maids before taking them on board?  

Yes, they do. Placement agencies run stringent background checks that include past employment records, referral checks, and police verification. 

2.Are maids given training at placement institutes?  

Yes, placement institutes train maids in basic tasks which they will be expected to perform at their place of employment.    

3.Do these placement agencies in in Chennai provide maids for offices too? 

In addition to homes, these agencies in in Chennai provide maids for corporate offices, cafes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and businesses.

4.What happens in case a maid quits?  

Placement agencies have a replacement policy. If a maid were to leave before the stipulated time, the agency would send a replacement maid.   

5.What is the monthly salary of maids in in Chennai?

 The monthly salary of a full-time maid will approximately range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000. For part-time ones, it would range between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,000.


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