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Lawyers in Chennai - Consult experienced High Court/Supreme Court practiced Multilingual Advocates from the leading law firms to file/defend cases. Get phone number, contact address to book a legal appointment.


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Court marriage lawyers in Chennai

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Lawyers in in Chennai

A number of problems in families, corporates and the society need the sound advice of professional lawyers. There are different types of legal advisors depending on various areas of law and there are experts of individual fields depending on the nuances of each. You can make a will only with the assistance and guidance of a solicitor. The legal advice provided by an employment lawyer aids in solving issues that arise between an employer and employee and these could include problems related to job security, non-payment of dues and other problems. Issues pertaining to domestic life and involving instances of divorce, custody battles and prenuptial agreements fall under the purview of family lawyers. You can choose to contact either a law firm or an individually practicing lawyer so as to find solutions to a large number of legal issues. With sound legal help, it becomes easier to swim through problems and gain clarity on various matters. Above is a list of all the lawyers in in Chennai.

Law is complex- So get help from licensed lawyers in in Chennai!

Lawyers are the backbone of the legal system. Whether you are in the middle of a property dispute or want to file a divorce or have to sign up a legal contract, you will need a lawyer by you to help you get through the matter smoothly. Legal issues are often very complicated. Dealing with such legal complications isn't your job. A lawyer has the right knowledge and training to understand everything that goes into a case. They just don't resolve problems and disputes, they can also help prevent problems from occurring. When looking for legal help, the lawyers in in Chennai are the right people that you should contact.

Which lawyer should you see?

There are multiple specializations in the legal field. The lawyer you choose will depend on the specific case. There is no one lawyer that fits all need. Here is a list of lawyers and what they specialize in.

1. Criminal lawyers- They are concerned with fighting cases that involve arrest, bail, arraignment or other criminal trials.

2. Civil lawyers- They are concerned with cases that involve relationships, people and property. Civil lawyers fight cases that pertain to child custody, damage suits, mortgages, litigation among others.

3. Business lawyers- Their primary role is to ensure that the business dealings and transactions are executed within the boundaries of the legal system. They handle general governance issues, corporate compliance issues, review contracts and agreements, etc.

4. Employment and labour lawyers- These lawyers deal with cases related to employment. They intervene when a business violates the terms of an employment contract. There are litigation and transactional employment lawyers.

5. Family lawyers- These lawyers specialize in family-related cases often involving custody, divorce, property disputes, etc. They act as a liaison, provide advice to their clients, help with documentation of properties, etc.

6. Bankruptcy lawyers- Such lawyers handle cases of financial bankruptcy. They advise their clients on their eligibility for bankruptcy, the type of bankruptcy that they would want to consider and the best type for the specific circumstance.

7. Intellectual property lawyers- These lawyers specialize in matters related to intellectual property like patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks and industrial design.

8. Immigration lawyers- They are concerned with immigration issues such as visas, citizenship, and related issues.

9. Personal injury lawyers- These lawyers oversee cases related to an accident and its compensation. They help to legally obtain compensation for injuries caused by other parties.

10. Medical malpractice lawyers- These lawyers handle cases wherein someone has been facing the consequences of a medical mistake like inaccurate treatment or misdiagnosis.

11. Estate planning lawyers- These lawyers handle cases related to trusts and wills. They help their clients to draw up a will to pass on their assets.

12. Mergers and acquisitions lawyers- They deal with the purchase and sale of companies. These lawyers are well-versed in finance and securities laws, and tax law.

13. General practice lawyers- General practice lawyers handle a vast majority of legal issues and do not specialize in any particular legal field.

How much is the fee of lawyers in in Chennai?

The fee would vary from one lawyer to another depending on the severity of the case, the popularity of the lawyers and many other factors. Given below is an approximate fee that the lawyers charge.

ServiceApproximate fee
Filing a divorce caseRs. 30,000 approx.
Civil casesRs. 10,00,000 to Rs. 25,00,000
Property disputesRs. 20,000 to Rs. 75,000

Please Note- The fee mentioned here is completely indicative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of lawyers handling specific type of cases?

The different types of lawyers include corporate lawyers, criminal lawyers, family lawyers, tax lawyers, immigration lawyers to name a few.

2. Is the information I share with a lawyer confidential?

Yes, the lawyer and their team make sure to safeguard all the information you share with them so as to ensure the best interest of the case.

3. What documents do I need to share with my lawyer?

Any document that has any information or detail which is even remotely related to your case should be shared and discussed with the lawyer.

4. Do lawyers help with out of court settlement?

Yes, in various cases, if both the parties agree, the lawyers do try for out of court settlement.


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