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Hospitals in #BBBBBB#: Some of the Most Important Services Provided by Them

Most of the doctors have affiliations with at least one or more hospitals. All in all, hospitals in town are known to offer their patients a variety of services that mainly cover two main areas, one of which includes inpatient procedures that usually only require overnight stays. Another type of service offered by hospitals is known as outpatient services, which include operational procedures involving local anaesthesia or the use of some expensive diagnostic or surgical equipment.

Which are the most important services provided by the hospitals?

Apart from the above mentioned two services, hospitals are also known to offer several other services. The most important services offered by most of the renowned hospitals around the country are mentioned here:

1. Medical services

The basic medical services are offered at all kinds of hospitals, be it small or large, government or private. These services also become a part of the various different hospital departments where clear cut lines cannot be drawn to differentiate between specific procedures. Consultations are readily available at all kinds of hospitals, and general medical facilities including stitching, cleaning up a wound, glucose bottles etc are some things available at all hospitals, as well as some of the doctor clinics.

2. Surgical facilities

Surgical services are what differentiates medical hospitals from doctors’ clinics. In a general hospital, the different branches of surgical services are usually combined into a single department. One of the most systematic departments of a hospital, the surgical services include all the operations, diagnostic and therapeutic departments, combined in one to function as a single operating unit. Hospitals stock all kinds of surgical tools that can be used for outpatient services. Special hospitals are also well stocked with specific surgical tools and machines that are used for in-depth surgical procedures such as heart surgeries, transplants, repairing broken bones, etc.

3. Emergency care

All the hospitals essentially offer its patients an emergency care unit for special kinds of treatments. Emergency care units in the hospital are responsible to care for the traumatic and other serious conditions that patients may go through. The staff at the emergency care unit are trained to mollify the patients, until and unless they are ready to be moved to another room for the actual treatment or diagnosis.

4. Maternity Care

This usually is a separate department in the hospitals, and is also popularly known as a maternity home or a maternity hospital. However, big hospitals have a special and dedicated department with them that solely looks after all the required maternity care essentials. Most hospitals have special rooms that are dedicated to childbirth. Certain hospitals #BBBBBB# has also have all inclusive rooms where mothers can nurse their babies and recover from the delivery for a few days’ period. Hospitals can also make use of operative rooms in order to assist women in childbirth, apart from the, newborn intensive care facilities that are available at most of the reputed hospitals. This special facility is available for babies that are born prematurely or are born with a serious problem.

5. Laboratory services

Most of the hospitals employ trained staff professionals to look after some of the most essential services in a hospital. All the important tests that are required for the diagnosis are done at these laboratories. All the major hospitals have laboratory services on their premises. The personnel working here are also trained in drawing blood from a patient in the least painful manner. For all the small hospitals that don’t have enough space for laboratories, they usually get all their essential tests outsourced from the existing lab services available in the nearby area.

6. Nursing homes

A nursing home is a place that is specially designed for patients who need constant care but are not actually required to get admitted for it. Nursing homes are often associated with senior patients, but in actuality, its services are open to all the patients who require this very level of care. All the major hospitals in town have a nursing home unit in the premises. They cater to a 24-hour service facility and are under the care of a medical person round the clock.

7. Special services

The medical arena is very large, and so not many hospitals, no matter how huge they are, can provide A to Z medical facilities to their patients. So most of the hospitals offer special services to their patients in the form of cardiology wards, cancer centres, rehabilitation units, etc. Patients can also avail ongoing treatments in the form of outpatient services through a hospital run clinic along with offering surgical and various other services in the same facility.

How much do hospitals #BBBBBB# has charge for their facilities?

Charges for a particular treatment or diagnosis may highly vary from one hospital to another. This is mainly because different hospitals offer a different set of services for the exact same treatment. Mentioned below are the estimated rates on how much hospitals in town charge for the certain kinds of treatments.

Types of servicesEstimated costRecovery duration in the hospital
Child delivery (normal)Approx. Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhsApprox. 2 to 3 days
Child delivery (C section)Approx. Rs. 1.2 lakhs to Rs. 2.7 lakhsApprox. 5 to 6 days
ICU facilityApprox. Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 90,000Per day charges
Cancer treatmentApprox. Rs. 5 to lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs (average)NA
Cycles of chemotherapyApprox. Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhsTotal 6 cycles (sessions)
Open heart surgeryApprox. Rs. 1.5 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhsApprox. 10 to 15 days
Valve surgeriesApprox. Approx. Rs. 2.7 lakhs to Rs. 3.5 lakhsApprox. 10 to 15 days

Please note: All the above-mentioned rates are highly indicative in nature and may change at the actual time of treatment or diagnosis. Additionally, these rates may also change from one hospital to another.

How can Emimake help you in finding the best hospitals in the city?

If you are looking for the best hospital in town, then look no further than the Emimake website. Over here, you will find an all-encompassing list of some of the best and the most reputed hospitals in the city. You can also avail their addresses and other essential contact details from the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do hospitals in #BBBBBB# provide services 24*7?

Hospitals have residential doctors at all times who attend to patients in case of emergencies, no matter what time it is.

2. Do patients require to pay a deposit amount at the time of admission?

Yes, patients require to pay a certain amount upfront at the time of admitting the patient.

3. Do hospitals in #BBBBBB# provide ambulance services?

Yes, most prominent hospitals provide round the clock ambulance service.

4. Do hospitals allow outside food to be brought in the hospital premises?

Most of the hospitals in #BBBBBB# do not allow bringing outside food in the premises of the hospital.

5. How much do hospitals charge?

The cost that will be incurred depends completely on the type of procedure and the number of days of admission.

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